Friday, August 26, 2011

Library redevelopment - work in week beginning 5th September

Activities in the library this week include:

  • Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th
Re-carpeting of the area between the Reception area and the Books.

This will be noisy and disruptive work, and we apologise for the inevitable inconvenience.

  • Thursday and Friday
No work scheduled. Calm!

Bank Holiday Monday - Library is open

Monday 29th September, 2011 is a Bank Holiday.
The library is open from 9.00am till 6.00pm.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Library redevelopment - work in week beginning 22nd Aug

Activities in the library this week include: 
  • Monday 22nd 
    • Disposal of old metal shelving and furniture into a skip
      This will be noisy work, and we apologise for the inevitable disruption. 
  • Tuesday 
    •  Calm! 
  • Wednesday, Thursday 
    • Disposal of old metal shelving and furniture into a skip.
      This will be noisy work, and we apologise for the inevitable disruption.
  • Friday 
    • No work scheduled - calm!
Click here for a reminder of the "grand plan" 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Changes in the Medical Library – August 2011 onwards

We are always striving to improve the services and environment in the Medical Library.
In 2009 we underwent a significant refurbishment in the library reception area, upper floor and staff offices.

From August till the end of 2011, with financial support from the Clinical School, we shall be extending this modernisation to some other parts of the library.

What changes are planned?
What improvements do we hope this will achieve?

Change 1
*    shelving of all but the current issue of all journals upstairs (level 4)
*    simplification of our journal holdings, making them easier to find   
Achieved: 5th August 2011

Change 2
*    relocating current issue of journals to new shelving units near the book collection
*    better use of space so that more is available for study spaces   
In progress: 16th August 2011
Journals relocated, but yet to be reshelved: temporarily arranged in boxes near the books.
Hope to be complete: late September 2011 (or when new shelves arrive!)

Change 3
*    installation of water fountain
*    better quality water and refreshment for library users    
Achieved: 12th August 2011

Change 4
*    installation new carpeting in from reception area through towards the books
*    better aesthetics and improved noise muffling   
To be completed by mid-September 2011

Change 5
*    installation of group study pods
*    enables small group work and promotes quiet discussion in the library    
To be completed by end of 2011

We are aware that any changes of this nature will cause disruption in the library while they’re being implemented. We’ll keep you posted via notices in the library and the website.

We're sorry about this, but hope you'll bear with us, and find that the changes we're making are worth-while.

Deduplication and Cancellation of Journals

We continue to deduplicate print journals and move towards electronic journal access. 
One copy of the print will continue to be held in one of the University libraries, but not in the Medical Library.
A list of these titles which we propose to remove from the Medical Library can be seen here
Please contact us if you have any views on this proposed action.
Email: or phone 01223 336750