Thursday, June 19, 2008

Medical Masterclass

The Medical Library is pleased to announced that Medical Masterclass is now available.

Part of the Medical Masterclass distance learning resource developed by the Education Department of the Royal College of Physicians of London under the editorial direction of Dr John Firth, the website aims to help candidates prepare for the MRCP(UK) Examination (All Parts). It is also an invaluable tool for continuing professional development.
Key features:

  • Unique on-line practice facility for both MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2 Written examinations.

  • Take mock MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2 Written examinations on-line.

  • See how you score compared to other users and how you progress in each of the different specialties that comprise the MRCP(UK) examinations.

  • Over 2,200 questions (equivalent to 20 examinations).

Passwords are available by contacting the Library at

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Faculty of 1000 Medicine

The Medical Library is proud to offer access to Faculty of 1000 Medicine.

Biomed Central's Faculty of 1000 Medicine is a unique online service that helps you stay informed of high impact articles and access the opinions of global leaders in medicine.
Its distinguished faculty of over 2400 of the world's top clinicians and researchers select, rate and evaluate the most important and influential articles, presenting a continuously updated, authoritative guide to the medical literature that matters.

Faculty of 1000 Medicine:

  • presents only the most important and influential articles, as judged by recognised experts
  • provides independent, knowledge-based opinions
  • ranks articles
  • demonstrates cross-linking
  • is customisable and searchable.

Access via CamDomain from the Medical Library's list of databases, or from

Start dates for Library Redevelopment

We've cleared the space.
We've re-organised the journal collection.

Now we're ready to begin Phase 1 of the Library redevelopement.

Contractors will be arriving on site from Monday 30th June 2008. This will involve the removal of the empty shelving and the creation of a new IT suite on Level 4 (the upper floor of the Library).

We hope that this will have relatively little impact on our services, but are aware that noise will be an issue, for which we apologise.

Phase 2 will have much more of an impact on the day-to-day working of the library: the entrance will be moved temporarily, staff offices will be evacuated. The only constant will probably be the noise, I'm afraid!
We will continue the deliver services as close to normal as possible, and we'll provide more details nearer the time.

Expected end date of the works is 20th October 2008.

Friday, June 06, 2008

University Athens to University Raven transition

Since September 2007 Cambridge University Library and the University Computing Service have been operating a local service of authentication using RAVEN to provide access to electronic services previously protected by ATHENS. This is part of a national transition from ATHENS authentication.

Current unexpired ATHENS accounts will cease to work at the end of July 2008.

The University no longer creates or distributes any new ATHENS accounts. All new users of electronic resources should use RAVEN to authenticate themselves as current staff or students of the University and obtain access to ATHENS protected services.

Existing University ATHENS users are strongly encouraged to move to using RAVEN before 31 July and must do so thereafter to continue to have access to electronic resources.
Step by Step guide to using RAVEN to access ATHENS protected services
RAVEN Library Support Frequently Asked Questions

For Assistance contact: or the Medical Library