Monday, November 30, 2009

NHS Evidence - Infections: annual update

NHS Evidence - infections will launch its 2009 Annual Evidence Update: HIV in Children and Adolescents from Monday 30th November to Sunday 6th December 2009.

The update has been timed to coincide with World AIDS Day on the 1st of December.

NHS Evidence - infections provides convenient and comprehensive access to the best available evidence on the investigation, prevention, treatment and control of infectious diseases from a clinical perspective.

The team are based at the Health Protection Agency’s Centre for Infections (CfI) in London.

NHS Evidence - Infections is just one of many Specialist Collections available from NHS Evidence - take a look - is your area of interest coverd?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Library Survey 2009

Library Survey 2009
We’re still listening, and would like to hear more: Please complete the survey at

So far people are using the survey to raise a lot of issues and suggestions for the Medical Library and its services:
  • working space – the temperature, the noise, the light
  • Library staff – the extent to which you find us friendly, helpful, professional
  • refurbishment and building works – the noise levels, and the resulting changes to the library
  • group study areas – to allow for quiet conversation & discussions
  • opening hours
  • noise levels in the library
  • accessibility of electronic resources when not in the library – differences between NHS access and University/Library access
  • balance between electronic journals and paper journals
  • document delivery service and charges
  • range and age of book stock
  • quality of computer and photocopy facilities
  • availability of training and support for literature searching
The breakdown of respondents so far is:
  • Student: 41%
  • Medical: 18%
  • Nursing and midwifery: 13%
  • Allied Health: 10%
  • Scientific and technical staff: 8%
  • Non-clinical staff: 5%
  • Other: 3%
  • Management: 1%
  • Dental: 0%
Have you added your voice yet?
Remember there’s a chance to win an iPod Shuffle or Amazon voucher!

There’s still time to contribute your views at – closing date: Sunday 6th December 2009.

LibQUAL is an online survey that has been used by libraries around the world. It only takes 10-15 minutes and the analysis is completely confidential.

Any questions?
phone: (01223) 336750

Friday, November 20, 2009

Date for the diary: Healthy Futures: Medical Regulation and Human Agency

Healthy Futures: Medical Regulation and Human Agency

21st & 22nd January, 2010

Convenors: Professor David Spiegelhalter and Dr Tim Lewens

Regulatory agencies routinely make cost-benefit analyses of new medical products and treatments. Yet there is little agreement on how such analyses ought to be performed, and utilitarian paradigms are seldom applied in other areas of medical decision-making. Envisaging futures is also an integral part of planning health care (e.g. the ‘obesity epidemic’ or pandemic influenza). Predictions based on bio-statistical data-analysis are underpinned by numerous assumptions. How can we quantify medical uncertainties, and how should they impact on policy?

Programme and Registration
Opening lecture: Sir Michael Rawlins (Chairman, NICE)
Balancing the evidence - the role of judgement in health policy decisions.

The event will begin with the opening lecture on the evening of Thursday 21st January followed by a day long seminar on Friday 22nd January. Online booking avaible

This is the second in the series of Sawyer Seminars sponsored by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation, Modelling Futures: Understanding Risk and Uncertainty 2009-2010.

Monday, November 16, 2009

more trumpet blowing

Many thanks to whoever nominated me for the You Make A Difference, November awards for "For being helpful to a patient by providing quick access to information "

Two nominations in 3 months is really great, and I'm very proud.

Thanks again,

Access to University e-resources off campus

Access to electronic resources off-campus changed from 1 August 2009.

The University completed the transition from ATHENS access to locally authenticated access via Shibboleth on the 1st August. Users will no longer be able to access a resource via the ATHENS alternative login route.

The recommended access route for electronic resources is via e-resources@cambridge ( or, in the case of ejournals, ejournals@cambridge ( , which include the correct links.

Users off-campus should log in using the links provided by publishers on their web sites marked "Institutional login", "Log in via your home institution" or "Shibboleth", and login with their RAVEN password.

Further information on this change and contact details for enquiries can be found at

Library Survey 2009

Take the survey - we're listening

The Medical Library would like to find out what you think of us : our resources, our services, our staff & the library itself

LibQUAL is an online survey that has been used by libraries around the world. It only takes 10-15 minutes and the analysis is completely confidential .

Monday 16th November - Sunday 6th December 2009
- and because it's online you can take the survey any time, day or night, at home or in the library or anywhere!

Go to

  1. Because we want to make the library even better, and we need your help!
  2. Great Prizes! One respondent will win a iPod Shuffle and 5 others will win £10 Amazon vouchers.

Any questions?

phone (01223) 336750

Friday, November 06, 2009

Cycle to Work Scheme

The University is introducing a Cycle to Work salary sacrifice scheme for University staff on 2 November 2009.

If you would like to find out more, drop in to one of the Road shows:

16 November 2009 (11am–2pm);
Clinical School foyer
, Addenbrookes Hospital, Hills Road

More details available.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Congratulations to the Radiographic Team from the Cambridge & Huntingdon Breast Screening Unit!

Barbara Knighton, Superintendant Radiographer, and her team have won the Society of Radiographer's Team of the Year (Eastern Region).