Monday, September 29, 2008

Changes to photocopy prices

As of Monday 29th September, the charges for photocopy cards will be as follows:

£1 - 18 unit card
  • 9 pages of A4 @ 11.1p per sheet
  • 6 pages of A3 @ 16.7p per sheet

£2 - 42 unit card

  • 21 pages of A4 @ 9.5p per sheet
  • 14 pages of A3 @ 14.3p per sheet

£5 - 116 unit card

  • 58 pages of A4 @ 8.9p per sheet
  • 39 pages of A3 @ 12.8p per sheet

1xA4 copy = 2 units; 1xA3 copy = 3 units

Coin operated photocopier

  • A4 copy -10p
  • A3 copy -15p

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Black Tuesday

Due to circumstances beyond our control, and a desire to keep noise disruption in the library to a minimum, the Medical Library will be closed to readers
8.00am - 1.00pm on Tuesday 23rd September 2008.

Other particularly noisy periods will be 7.00am - 9am on Friday 19th and Monday 22nd September.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience caused, but hope that concentrating noisy building work into specific time slots will reduce disruption at other times.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And relax....

After the "Big Push", we've got the new Issue Desk installed at the new entrance - well done to everyone who's found us!
This route into the library will be in operation till November 2008.

Monday, September 15, 2008

2 new specialists libraries - Infections & Commissioning

Infections Specialist Library

What is it?

The Infections Specialist Library (ISL) provides convenient and comprehensive access to the highest quality evidence on the investigation, prevention, treatment and control of infectious diseases from a clinical perspective. This is intended to keep health professionals up to date with the burgeoning amount of infectious disease evidence that is emerging daily.

What does the library provide?

Resources in the library include:

  • Reviews and Systematic reviews (e.g. Cochrane Library, CKS, DARE)
  • National guidelines (e.g. NICE, DH, SIGN)
  • International guidelines (if no suitable UK guidelines exist, e.g. WHO, CDC)
  • Examples of best practice (e.g. HPA)
  • Standard Operating Protocols (e.g. HPA)
  • Government health policies and standards (e.g. HPA, DH)
  • News and events

Find out more at

Commissioning Specialist Library

The NLH Commissioning Specialist Library was soft launched on 15th September. It is free, and aims to be a one-stop shop providing timely and efficient access to high quality information resources for all those involved in commissioning for health and wellbeing.

It endeavours to include the best available evidence, examples of good practice, policy and data to support world class commissioning.
The Commissioning Specialist Library is one of over 30 Specialist Libraries from the National Library for Health (NLH) and is managed by the King's Fund Information and Library Service. It will be officially launched at the King's Fund Annual Conference in November 2008.

Feedback or comments are welcomed, and contact details can be found on the Commissioning Specialist Library homepage.
Find out more at

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Big Push

Right - we have quite a lot to do between now and Monday 15th September in order to move to the next stage of our redevelopment:
  • build a new door

  • install furniture in the new IT room on Level 4

  • relocate our library offices into the new IT room on Level 4

  • close down the current entrance

  • set up a temporary entrance and issue desk
You can imagine that this may have a disruptive effect on the Library Services, and also on the Library as a quite place to work.

But how will it affect you?
  • Saturday 6th September: we'll be building a door near the books. This will cause a bit of noise and disruption
  • Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th September: furniture for the new IT Room on Level 4 will be delivered and installed. Watch out for delivery men.
  • Tuesday 9th - Friday 12th: Library staff will be moving offices - this might mean that we're a bit distracted, and there might be some noise as we dismantle our current office - please bear with us!
  • Friday 12th September: We'll be closing the current entrance to the library, and opening a new temporary entrance which will be in operation till mid-November. Look out for the signs directing you to the new entrance.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More e-books via NHS ATHENS

More e-books are available using your NHS ATHENS password:

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine

Oxford Handbook of Nurse Prescribing

Go to and log in with your NHS ATHENS password, and click on the e-books link under "Books, Journals and Healthcare Databases", and search for the book you want.

Contact us if you'd like any support using and accessing these books.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Changes in the Library - from 1st September onwards

From Monday 1st September, we'll be doing a bit of work preparing for a temporary entrance to the library. While the staff offices and library issue desk area are being worked on, the entrance to the library will be via a side door - this will all be sign posted in due course.

It does mean that we have to get make some alterations which will affect you, the users of the library.
  • The study carrells located between the Issue Desk and the books will be taken out of use, to accommodate a temporary Issue Desk and the temporary entrance to the library
  • The photocopiers will be relocated into the Wolfson Room

  • Most of the area which used to be comfortable seating (next to the current journals) will be given over to storage during the refurbishment (though we will try to maintain some of this seating for your use.)
  • All library staff will re-locate into the room which is being built on Level 4.
  • By Monday 15th September, the entrance to the library will have re-located (more details in due course.)

Inevitably there will be some disruption, particularly in relation to where you might prefer to sit, but we will try to keep this to a minimum.