Friday, December 22, 2006

Change in Library Opening Hours

The Medical Library regrets that it is no longer able to sustain its current opening hours. This decision follows a cut in the funding we receive from the NHS.

As of Monday 8th January 2007 and until further notice, the Library's opening hours will be:

  • Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 10.00pm
  • Saturday: 9.00am - 5.00pm
  • Sunday: closed

Monday, December 18, 2006

e-Journals available to NHS ATHENS users

There are 1,689 full text titles on November's title list, an increase of 13 titles on the last update.

Check whether the joural you need is available using your NHS ATHENS username and password by logging on to MyATHENS - and browse either ProQuest or OVID for the full range of e-journals available via NHS ATHENS.

Journals gained:
  • Family Therapy,
  • Journal of Services Research,
  • Nature Reviews-Cancer,
  • Nature Reviews -Immunology,
  • Year in Allergy,
  • Year in Anesthesia and Critical Care,
  • Year in Dyslipidaemia,
  • Year in Gastroenterology and Hepatology,
  • Year in Heart Failure,
  • Year in Hypertension,
  • Year in Interventional Cardiology,
  • Year in Osteoporosis,
  • Year in Post - Menopausal Health,
  • Year in Renal Medicine,
  • Year in Respiratory Medicine,
  • Year in Therapeutics.

Journals lost:

  • Geriatrics,
  • Modern Medicine,
  • Pediatrics,
  • Physician's Management

New Quality Quest Training Sessions and Information Clinic

New times and dates in December, January and February 2007 are available for Quality Quest training sessions providing hands-on training in specific resources including:

  • Cochrane Library
  • PubMed
  • Library Induction
  • Finding e-Journals
  • Literature Searching for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

However it may be that you need book an appointment at the Information Clinic.

  • are you new to the NHS, and need some help navigating where to find the best evidence?
  • are you experienced at searching for information, but are having trouble with a particular question?
  • do you know the basics, but want to learn how to refine your search?

Information Clinic is a one-to-one session where you and a Librarian work together to find the answer to your question. These sessions are entirely tailored to your needs, and are arranged at a time and date to suit you - it may even be possible for the Librarian to come to you, rather than you coming to the library.

Contact Isla Kuhn, Reader Services Librarian, to discuss how we can help, and to arrange an Information Clinic appointment.
Phone: (01223) 336750 or email

New Journals available in the Library

Aging, neuropsychology, and cognition v.12 no 1 2005 March-
Artificial cells, blood substitutes and biotechnology v.33 no 1 2005-
Breathe v.1 no 2 2004 Dec –
Brain pathology v.16 no. 1 (2006 Jan)-
British journal of cardiac nursing 2006 v.1 no 5 May –
Clinical ethics v.1 no 1 2006 March-
Current opinion in HIV and AIDs 2006 v.1 no 1 Jan-
Expert opinion in pharmacotherapy v.6 no 9 2005-
Expert opinion on investigational drugs v.15 no 1 2006 Jan –
Gastrointestinal nursing v. 4 no. 7 (2006 Sept)-
International journal of medical robotics +computer assisted learning v.1 no 1 2004 –
International journal of pediatric obesity (2006)-
International journal of surgery v.3 no 1 2005- (Change of title from Journal of surgery)
Journal of cardiovascular medicine 2006 v.7 no 4 April-
Journal for specialists in pediatric nursing v. 10 no 2 2005-
Nature clinical practice. Endocrinology & metabolism 2006 v.2 no 10 October-
Nature clinical practice. Nephrology 2006 v.2 no 10 October-
Nature clinical practice. Neurology. 2006 v2 no 10 October –
Nature clinical practice. Rheumatology. 2006 v.2 no 10 October-

Library closed between Christmas and New Year

The Medical Library will close at 1pm on Friday 22nd December 2006
The Library will re-open at 8am on Tuesday 2nd January 2007.

Merry Christmas to all our Readers, and best wishes for 2007.