Thursday, August 09, 2007

University ATHENS – Major changes to access control to electronic resources

From September 2007 Cambridge University Library and the University Computing Service will be introducing a replacement for the ATHENS authentication system.

Although current unexpired ATHENS accounts will continue to work during this Academic Year the University will not create or distribute any new ATHENS accounts. All new users will use RAVEN to authenticate themselves as current staff or students of the University and obtain access to ATHENS protected services. Existing ATHENS users are encouraged to move to using RAVEN during this year.

PLEASE NOTE THIS SERVICE IS NOT YET FULLY AVAILABLE and until further notice you may continue to contact regarding ATHENS account maintenance.RAVEN is already used for access to certain electronic resources as indicated on the Electronic Resources database. You should continue to follow the access routes indicated on the University Library Electronic Services webpages.

This change is part of a national strategy by the JISC on behalf of Higher and Further Education to take advantage of new technology and international standards and adoption of a “federated” approach to access management. For the end user one immediate benefit will be the need to remember one less password.

ATHENS protected resources will continue to be available via a “Gateway” service until at least 2011 which will enable you to login to the MyATHENS webpage and navigate to ATHENS protected services using your RAVEN account rather than your old ATHENS account. However previously set personal preferences will not be carried forward to your new “identity” as established by the Gateway and you will need to reset your customisations.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about ATHENS & RAVEN are available here.

Further information on JISC and the UK Access Management Federation is available at:

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