Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New e-journals available via NHS ATHENS

Go to and log in with your NHS ATHENS password to access:

Academy of Health Care Management Journal 1/1/2006+
AIDS Reader, The 1/1/2006+
American Journal of Occupational Therapy, The 1/11/2006+
Biomechanics 1/3/2007+
Critical Psychology 1/1/2007+
Genetic Counseling 1/1/2007+
Health Care Registration 1/1/2007+
Human Reproduction and Genetic Ethics 1/1/2007+
Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues 1/1/2006+
Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine, The 1/3/2007+
Journal of Organizational Culture, Communication and Conflict 1/1/2006+
Journal of Respiratory Diseases, The 1/3/2007+
Managed Care Outlook 1/1/2007+
Oncology; San Francisco 1/3/2007+
OT Practice 13/11/2006+

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