Friday, June 06, 2008

University Athens to University Raven transition

Since September 2007 Cambridge University Library and the University Computing Service have been operating a local service of authentication using RAVEN to provide access to electronic services previously protected by ATHENS. This is part of a national transition from ATHENS authentication.

Current unexpired ATHENS accounts will cease to work at the end of July 2008.

The University no longer creates or distributes any new ATHENS accounts. All new users of electronic resources should use RAVEN to authenticate themselves as current staff or students of the University and obtain access to ATHENS protected services.

Existing University ATHENS users are strongly encouraged to move to using RAVEN before 31 July and must do so thereafter to continue to have access to electronic resources.
Step by Step guide to using RAVEN to access ATHENS protected services
RAVEN Library Support Frequently Asked Questions

For Assistance contact: or the Medical Library

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