Monday, September 15, 2008

2 new specialists libraries - Infections & Commissioning

Infections Specialist Library

What is it?

The Infections Specialist Library (ISL) provides convenient and comprehensive access to the highest quality evidence on the investigation, prevention, treatment and control of infectious diseases from a clinical perspective. This is intended to keep health professionals up to date with the burgeoning amount of infectious disease evidence that is emerging daily.

What does the library provide?

Resources in the library include:

  • Reviews and Systematic reviews (e.g. Cochrane Library, CKS, DARE)
  • National guidelines (e.g. NICE, DH, SIGN)
  • International guidelines (if no suitable UK guidelines exist, e.g. WHO, CDC)
  • Examples of best practice (e.g. HPA)
  • Standard Operating Protocols (e.g. HPA)
  • Government health policies and standards (e.g. HPA, DH)
  • News and events

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Commissioning Specialist Library

The NLH Commissioning Specialist Library was soft launched on 15th September. It is free, and aims to be a one-stop shop providing timely and efficient access to high quality information resources for all those involved in commissioning for health and wellbeing.

It endeavours to include the best available evidence, examples of good practice, policy and data to support world class commissioning.
The Commissioning Specialist Library is one of over 30 Specialist Libraries from the National Library for Health (NLH) and is managed by the King's Fund Information and Library Service. It will be officially launched at the King's Fund Annual Conference in November 2008.

Feedback or comments are welcomed, and contact details can be found on the Commissioning Specialist Library homepage.
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