Monday, January 26, 2009

NHS Constitution for England

The NHS Constitution for England subject to Parliamentary approval, will require all NHS bodies, and private and third-sector providers supplying NHS services in England by law to take account of the Constitution in their decisions and actions. The Government will have a legal duty to renew the Constitution every 10 years. No Government will be able to change the Constitution, without the full involvement of staff, patients and the public.

The handbook to the NHS Constitution for England gives NHS staff and patients all the information you need about the NHS Constitution in one place. It acts as a guide to:
  • patients’ rights and pledges

  • responsibilities of patients and the public and staff
  • staff rights and NHS pledges to its staff

Supoorting documents:
Impact assessment
The handbook to the NHS Constitution for England
The statement of NHS accountability for England
Government response to consultation
Implementation of the right to choice and information set out in the NHS Constitution
The Primary Care Trusts (Choice of Secondary Care Provider) Directions 2009

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