Tuesday, July 27, 2010

summer reading - e-books weigh less in your suitcase!

The Medical Library is delighted to announce that the Oxford Textbook of Medicine (5th edition) is now available as an e-book to all library users.
"The Oxford Textbook of Medicine is the foremost international textbook of medicine. Unrivalled in its coverage of the scientific aspects and clinical practice of internal medicine and its subspecialties, it is a fixture in the offices and wards of physicians around the world."
Use your
  • University RAVEN login or
  • your NHS ATHENS login or
  • the computers and wifi in the library with no password (or any university networked computer),
 to access access this core text  - http://otm.oxfordmedicine.com/

The addition of the OTM compliments
the existing wide range of e-books available:

Using NHS ATHENS, log in here and browse the titles available to you.
Titles include
  • Concept Mapping: A Critical-Thinking Approach to Care Planning
  • Dementia Nursing: A Guide to Practice
  • Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine
  • Oxford Handbook of Nurse Prescribing
  • Oxford Handbook of General Practice
  • Trauma: Emergency Resuscitation, Perioperative Anesthesia, Surgical Management
(remember, if you're a Clinical Student you can register for NHS ATHENS too)

Using the University computers and wifi in the Medical Library or RAVEN login if you're "off campus" then any books you find on Newton the library catalogue that have [electronic resource] after their title are just that - e-books.
Titles include: