Monday, October 11, 2010

NHS Evidence - Annual Evidence Updates

Recent annual evidence updates from the NHS Evidence Specialist Collections are:

  • Breast Cancer: 11-15 October 2010
    This is the sixth Annual Evidence Update (AEU) on Breast Cancer prepared by NHS Evidence - cancer. It includes the systematic reviews and guidance that have been published since October 2009.
  • Heart Failure: 4-8 October 2010
    Following on from the partial update of NICE's Heart Failure guidelines in August 2010 and our last evidence update in October 2009 this update for health professionals and patients will present significant advances in knowledge about heart failure. Topics will include diagnosis, pharmacology, organisation of care, devices, rehabilitation,  palliative care and  psychology. There will also be a section on uncertainties identified and, as usual, expert summaries will be included to help make sense of the new evidence presented
  • CAM for Depression: 4-8 October 2010
    This is the third Annual Evidence Update on CAM for Depression. This update aims to identify, organise and present the latest information on this topic. We have searched a large number of databases for studies published or updated since the 2009 update.
    This AEU presents the evidence on specific therapies and approaches such as acupuncture, diet and nutrition, herbal medicine, massage, meditation and mindfulness, and yoga.
  • Depression: 4-8 October 2010
    The Annual Evidence Update (AEU) contains the best available evidence published on Depression during 2009-2010.
    The AEU is divided up into sections on:
    Epidemiology and Prevalence /  UK and International Guidelines / Neuropsychology / Diagnosis and Risk Factors / Pharmacological Treatments including: SSRIs, SNRIs and TCAs / Psychosocial Treatments including: CBT and CCBT / Other Treatments including: Electroconvulsive therapy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation / Populations and Settings including: Children and Adolescents, Older People, Women, Ethnicity and the Workplace / Genetics / Co morbidity / Dual Diagnosis
    The NHS Evidence – mental health team have searched and sifted evidence from a number of databases, including Medline, Embase, PsycINFO, Cinahl and TRIP.
  • Antenatal and Pregnancy Care: 27 September - 1 October 2010
    NHS Evidence - women's health is holding its next Annual Evidence Update from Monday 27 September. The Antenatal Care Evidence Update builds on the accumulated knowledge-base and provides an up-to-date summary of the latest evidence in this area including the provision of antenatal care, patient information needs, common pregnancy problems, antenatal ultrasound and fetal monitoring. All the information contained in our AEU has been subject to rigorous selection criteria.  We know it is very difficult for busy health professionals to keep up-to-date with the huge volume of literature that is published each year and so the specialist collections are here to do this for you.  


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