Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NHS Annual Evidence Update - Head & Neck Cancer; Psoriasis

collaboratively from NHS Evidence - cancer www.library.nhs.uk/cancer; NHS Evidence - ENT and audiology www.library.nhs.uk/ENT/ and NHS Evidence - oral health www.library.nhs.uk/oralhealth/

NHS Evidence specialist collections for cancer, ENT and audiology, and oral health will launch the first collaborative Head and Neck Cancer Annual Evidence Update on 1 November 2010.

The update will include key guidance and quality appraised systematic reviews published since the SIGN guidance, combined with expert commentaries on the following topics:

* Causes, risks and prevention
* Screening
* Assessment and diagnosis
* Treatment and disease management
* Service delivery and standards.

Additional therapeutic uncertainties will highlight research gaps and there will be links to relevant high quality patient information.

from NHS Evidence - skin disorders: www.library.nhs.uk/skin

NHS Evidence - skin disorders is publishing its fourth Annual Evidence Update on Psoriasis on 1 November 2010, with the results of a search for new national guidance and systematic reviews published since the 2009 Annual Evidence Update.  There will be our usual “what’s new” analysis, discussing the new evidence and its implications for clinical practice — this year written by Dr Amy Foulkes, Professor Chris Griffiths and Dr Richard Warren.


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