Thursday, June 09, 2011

Twitter Journal Club - great way to practice reading research papers

Are you interested in Critical Appraisal?
Are you on Twitter?
Then a new journal club has started up just for you. Twitter Journal Club is a great initiative was started by Natalie Silvey (@silv24), a junior doctor in the West Midlands, and Fi Douglas (@fidouglas), a medical student at Cambridge.Twitter Journal Club has already attracted over 500 followers, and generated a 2 hour discussion at it's first meeting.

"Twitter Journal Club provides a place where doctors, medical students, and anyone else who is interested, can discuss publications relevant to clinical medicine. In many respects it operates in same way as any other journal club, except that the forum is Twitter.

We try to pick papers that are particularly significant and will be relevant to a wide range of people. 

You can use the #TwitJC tag to suggest papers at any time.

Anyone is welcome, including (and, indeed, particularly) students, with one aim being to provide an opportunity for medical students to learn by discussing papers with practicing doctors."

There was a great discussion on 5th June - the inaugural "meeting"  - the full transcript is available to read here.
Next discussion is taking place on Sunday, 12th June, 8pm UK Time.
Paper for discussion: Br Med J (Clin Res Ed). 1981 Jun 6;282(6279):1847-51.Strategy of prevention: lessons from cardiovascular disease.Rose G.

Blog is available at 
Twitter hashtag is #TwitJC
Follow the club on Twitter:!/twitjournalclub 

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