Monday, July 23, 2012

The new age of photocopying and scanning!

Hurrah - we've very pleased to be able to offer a new, improved photocopy and scanning service in the Medical Library.

As well as reducing the prices of photocopying, and offering colour copying, library users are able to scan documents to send as a PDF by email.
The credit purchased for printing is now networked, and so is valid for use photocopying and scanning and printing.

The lovely new Multi-Function Device (MFD) is installed in the Wolfson Computer Room.

Just login with the same username and password you use on the PCs.


Printing and Photocopying  (A4)
Mono (black + white) duplex (double sided)      8p per sheet of paper
Mono                                                                5p per sheet of paper
Colour  duplex                                                 26p per sheet of paper
Colour                                                               14p per sheet of paper

Photocopying (A3 paper):
Mono duplex                                                     16p per sheet of paper
Mono                                                                 10p per sheet of paper
Colour  duplex                                                   52p per sheet of paper
Colour                                                                28p per sheet of paper

Scanning to create a PDF which is sent by email:
                                                                                       3p per page scanned

 Photocopy Cards

If you have a stash of photocopy cards, the card operated photocopier will still be available for use for a few weeks.
If you would like to transfer the credit from these cards to your library card account, photcopy card units will be refunded at 5p per 2 units on the card, and this balance will be added to your networked account. Please ask staff at the Library Issue Desk. 


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