Monday, December 17, 2007

New NHS e-journals - a great Christmas present!

The East of England NHS libraries’ Christmas present is a new, wide selection of electronic journals.
63 new e-journals will be available online to all NHS staff in the East of England from 1st January 2008 - you can still log into to see if the journal you need is available.

Something for all the NHS family
Carefully selected by East of England librarians to cover as many specialities and professions as possible, the journals range from Spine to Circulation and from American Journal of Occupational Therapy to Accident and Emergency Nursing. The New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet are in there, and so is Journal of Advanced Nursing.

Also under the Christmas tree
The National Library for Health is revamping its collections, so from January the whole country will be able to use the Journal of the American Medical Association and its Archives journals.

They’re also buying the BMJ collection from April - that’s 21 journals including the BMJ itself - but here in the East we’re topping that up so that you can start using them wherever you are on New Year’s Day!

Non-medical staff aren’t forgotten nationally, either - hundreds of journals indexed in CINAHL will be available full text online from April 2008. And the Proquest database of 1700 journals, which the national library has to cut to afford the bigger journals, will still be available in the East for the year to come.

Unwrapping the presents
All you need to get in to these journals, from any internet-connected computer, is an NHS Athens password. You can view all the journals involved from

Staff at the Medical Library are always available to give you any help you need.
Happy Christmas!

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