Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Clinical Reader

Clinical Reader is a new medical RSS aggregator. The service has a simple and easy to understand interface which is showcases the great benefits of using RSS to gather medical information.

There are specialty-specific pages too, for example, Medical Students or Oncology,

Please bear in mind that linking to the full-text of any journal articles might not be straightforward - your NHS ATHENS password, and/or University RAVEN may not give access to the journals via the links in Clinical Reader. Rembember to checking availability via NHS MyJournals or University Newton.

But it's always good to keep up to date - if you would like any support in the use of RSS, or accessing e-journals etc, please get in touch.

update: 17th July - A lot has changed since I first posted about Clinical Reader on 8th July - mostly as a result of comments on blogs (for example) and via twitter (just search for clinicalreader once you've signed in). Hopefully Clinical Reader can regain some ground and become a valued resource.


MikeD said...

Excellent post, and great resource - thanks for sharing, will spread the word at the DH.

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