Thursday, December 03, 2009

Library Survey 2009 - Last chance.....

Thank you very much if you’ve completed a survey.

If you’ve not done it yet ……. Last chance for us to hear you! (and last blog asking for your contribution!)

Survey closes on Monday 7th December 2009.

Remember there’s a chance to win an iPod Shuffle or Amazon voucher!

The breakdown of respondents is: (number in brackets is previous breakdown of respondents)

Student: (41%) 42%
Medical: (18%) 20%
Nursing & Midwifery: (13%) 13%
Scientific & Technical Staff: (8%) 9%
Allied Health: (10%) 7%
Non-clinical Staff: (5%) 4%
Other: (3%) 3%
Management: (1%) 1%
Dental: (0%) 0%

Have you added your voice yet?

New issues raised/ Previous issues repeated:

  • “library open days”
  • Noise levels – because of building work, and because of library users
  • Opening hours (again)
  • Book issues
  • Study environment (“turn up the heaters!” “turn on the lights!”)
  • Access to library for non-NHS staff and non-University staff/students
  • Support for literature searching

Previous issues raised

LibQUAL is an online survey that has been used by libraries around the world. It only takes 10-15 minutes and the analysis is completely confidential.

Any questions?


phone (01223) 336750


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